Raheel Sharif says Pakistan ready for threats from Indian side

Photo of Pakistan army chief Raheel Sharif.

Islamabad: The Pakistani military chief General Raheel Sharif today said that his country is closely monitoring activities of India and is ready to meet any direct or indirect threats.

Raheel who was addressing an army Commanders conference in Rawalpindi, the General made no specific reference to the Sunday attack on an Indian Army camp that left 18 soldiers dead.

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Pakistan has denied the charges of India, for having its hand behind the militants attack at army headquarter in Uri.

Gen Sharif was quoted saying: “We are fully cognisant and closely watching the latest happenings in the region and their impact on the security of Pakistan.”

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He expressed satisfaction over the operational readiness of the Pakistan Army.

The army chief’s remarks came after Sartaj Aziz, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s senior aide, said the Sunday attack was an attempt on New Delhi’s part to deflect attention from the unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.

India-Pakistan relations have plunged to a new low in recent times, after Islamabad came out openly in support of mass protests in Jammu and Kashmir following the July 8 killing of a militant commander.

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