Rahul accuses Modi of assisting rich people of India

Rahul Gandhi
Photo of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Mandsaur: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today accused the Narendra Modi government of favouring the rich people of the country and said that Modi government gives “only bullets” to farmers.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was today prevented by the administration from entering violence-hit Mandsaur. “Narendra Modi waived loans worth Rs.1,50,000 crore for the richest people in India…,” Gandhi said shortly before he was detained by Madhya Pradesh police in Mandasur where five protesting farmers had been shot dead on Tuesday.

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“But they can’t give right rates to the farmers, they cannot give compensation, or bonus, they can give only bullets to the farmers,” he said. “They detained me in Uttar Pradesh, they are detaining me here”.

Asked who was responsible for the killing of farmers, Rahul Gandhi said: “Narendra Modi and Chief Minister (Shivraj Singh Chauhan)”. The Congress leader was denied permission by the local administration to visit Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh where police shot dead five protesting farmers.

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