Rahul compares Modi’s demonetization with fire bombing of World War II

Photo of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Panaji: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today sharpened his political attacks on Prime Minister Narenra Modi over his currency demonetization policy and said that it is like a ‘fire bombing’ which was seen during World War II.

Gandhi said, instead of attacking “50 families” in India who control 99 per cent of the country’s wealth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “fire-bombed” 99 per cent of honest Indians and yet appeared happy about it.

Rahul who was addressing an election rally in south Goa’s Margao town, he said that Modi’s objection behind demonetization was to extract money from the working class to fund the cash-strapped banks, whose loans to the super-rich had turned them into non-performing assets.

He says, on November 8th, the PM targeted the money in your pocket; the money earned from labour and working class, is reduced to paper.

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Gandhi said, “This was not a surgical strike, This was a fire bombing on 99 percent of Indians.”

The Congress Vice President went on to explain how fire bombing destroyed big cities like Rotterdam, Dresden and Tokyo with more ruthlessness than an atomic bomb.

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