Rahul Gandhi caught taking power nap during crucial debate

New Delhi: Congress party’s youth icon and Vice President Rahul Gandhi today caught taking power naps during his party was raising crucial debate on the anti-Dalit violence in Gujarat.

Rahul, who was caught sleeping in a video clip, in which he was seen resting his head on his right hand with eyes apparently closed, the video clip got viral on social networking sites.

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Mr Gandhi temporary eye shut was noticed when his party leader Mallikarjun Kharge and some other Congress members were protesting against Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s answer to the queries on the violence on Dalits in Gujarat’s Una district.

Congress leader Renuka Chodhury came in defence of Rahul Gandhi by saying that the Vice President was not sleeping; he was just resting his eyes.

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BJP leader Thawarchand Gehlot, also sharpens his attacks on Rahul Gandhi and said: “We have been saying that they are not serious about issues related to Dalits and their welfare. They are raising this issue only to draw political mileage. And this episode proves this.”


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