Rahul Gandhi confident of govt formation, addresses fishermen in Porbandar

Porbandar: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today addressed fishermen in Porbandar, Gujarat and accused the ruling BJP in the state and Centre of working for a some of industrialists and showed confidence that the Congress would form the next government in the state.

On a two-day visit to the state, Rahul Gandhi was joined on stage by Bharat Modi, a leader of the fishermen community and till recently a senior BJP leader in the region. Gandhi told the rally that a Congress government and Congress Chief Minister “will have their doors open for everybody in the state to listen to them”.

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“Modiji tells you his ‘Mann ki Baat’ but nobody listens to your ‘Mann ki Baat’. Congress will win the December elections in Gujarat and will form a government which listens to you and works according to your needs,” he said.

“If the Congress comes back to power at the Centre, it would consider setting up an independent fisheries ministry,” he said, adding that the BJP government would not consider giving a subsidy of Rs 300 crore to fishermen but “waive Rs 1 lakh crore in debt to big business houses”. He said that it is these industrialists who are “marketing for the Modi government”.

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