Rahul Gandhi is clueless regarding RSS

Nagpur: Manmohan Vaidya, senior RSS leader is of the opinion that Rahul Gandhi is not aware of anything regarding Sangh, as RSS was involved in the freedom struggle.

“Rahul Gandhi does not know the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, nor has he tried to understand the Sangh. He does not even know the history of India,” he said.

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 He went on to add: “However, the society is coming with the RSS and the RSS is growing continously….Their (Congress’) base is shrinking.”

In an apparent dig to Rahul, Vaidya said: “Talking about one’s forefathers’ achievements to hide one’s own failures is considered bad form in our society.”

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Coming to the Rahul Gandhi statement, he said: “Till the time RSS did not rule India, they never saluted the national flag… You can look at this nation in two ways. One says this country is mine, other says I belong to the country. That’s the difference between RSS and us.”