Rahul Gandhi meets PM Modi, asks to waive off farmer’s loan

Photo of Congress leader Rahul Ghandi along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: Recently Congress leader Rahul Gandhi went on to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ask him to waive all the loans taken by the farmers. According to the reports, PM Modi gave a sarcastic suggestion that they should meet often. The conversation between both of them put forth some more shocking revelation after Rahul claimed that he had some information about the ‘personal corruption of PM Modi’ which is a shocker itself.

Rahul visited to request Modi to waive the farmer’s loan as he told PM that the cut in the import duty on wheat has worsened the situation for farmers. While talking to the media, Rahul went on to say that: “Removal of import duty on wheat is a devastating blow. The PM acknowledged that the situation of farmers is serious. On my urging that farmers’ loans should be waived, the PM didn’t say anything, he just listened.”

Congress leader Rahul also said that the cut in import duty has worsened the situation of the farmers and the number of deaths and suicide of farmers has increased over the time and the situation is terrible and pathetic for all the farmers.

However, Bhupindra Singh Hooda went on to say that: “I am surprised. Why the import is being facilitated when the buffer stock of wheat is so high. This will provide an opportunity to the multinational companies to dump cheap wheat of foreign nations here. It is a major setback for the farmers who are already facing hardships in this sowing season.”

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