Rahul Gandhi offers support to families of children who died

GORAKHPUR: Rahul Gandhi visited four families which lost their children at Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das Medical College.

Giving them support, Congress Vice President said that the children died due to oxygen supply shortage.

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Earlier on in the piece, he refused to take an ambulance or physician along with him, saying that they are needed at hospitals.

Rahul first visited Baghagada village where he met Brahamdev Yadav who lost his 10-day-old twins in the tragedy.

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Brahmdev said, “We had a daughter and son after eight years of marriage and I lost them after ten days. My children were born on August 1 and they died at 3.30pm on August 10. There was complete chaos in the ICU ward and my children also died of lack of oxygen. When my children died the hopsital authorities asked me to leave the hospital from the back door.”

Rahul also visited Barsoli Khurd  and met Rama Shankar, who lost his 6-day-old in the tragedy.