Rahul takes on Modi, questions fees hike in Gujarat’s educational institutions

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the “extraction” of high fees from students by government educational institutes in Gujarat.

Keeping up at his questions in the countdown to the Gujarat Assembly polls, as promised, Gandhi said: “22 salon ka hisaab, Gujarat mange jawaab. Pradhanmantriji–chautha sawaal (as he directed his fourth query at Modi on Gujarat’s condition).

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Gandhi accused Modi of turning the noble profession of imparting education into a business of sorts in Gujarat’s government-run schools and colleges. “Expensive fees are becoming burden on students. How will the dream of New India come true?,” Rahul asked.

“Why is Gujarat at the 26th position when it comes to investing money on education? What wrong have the youths done?”

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Gandhi’s question comes in the wake of the party’s strategy to pose one question to Modi everyday till the polls kick off in Gujarat. Gandhi on Friday accused Modi of reducing the power generation capacity of government-owned power firms between 2012-16, while buying electricity from private players at a much higher rate.