Rajasthan woman burnt alive for not allowing tree felling on her farm

Photo of the fire related incident.

Jaipur: According to the information given by the police, in a brutal incident that took place in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district where a woman has been burnt alive because she opposed felling of tress on her farm.

While explaining the incident to the media, a police official went on to say that the deceased who was identified as Lalita had an argument with the villagers yesterday as she opposed the cutting of trees for widening a road along her farm near Pipad town.

In the FIR report filed by her family said that the argument became so ugly that some aggressive villagers poured petrol over her body and set her afire.

As per the police, while being treated at a nearby government hospital Lalita died from her major injuries.

A police official went on to say: “Prima facie it does not appear a case of being burnt by villagers and it seems the quarrel was not on felling of trees but pathway. If need be, we will arrest the culprits soon.”

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