Rajnath Singh: Pakistan sponsored terrorism behind Kashmir unrest

New Delhi: India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh today straight forwardly blamed neighbour country Pakistan over the present unrest situation in Jammu and Kashmir state by saying that the government will find alternative to use of capsule arms by the security forces to control the protesters.

Rajnath was addressing a shot discussion in the Lok Sabha which was started on Wednesday, he said: “There can be no denying the fact that our neighbour (Pakistan) is singularly responsible for the present deterioration of the situation in the valley.”

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He further said that, the terrorism India is facing now days is sponsored by Pakistan and that too in the name of religion.

The Home Minister denied that Indian security forces use to take harsh action for controlling protesting mobs in Kashmir valley in recent past.

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Singh admitted, “That there could be some irregularities”, in the form of high handedness by our security forces.

He further added that the Home Ministry will soon set up expert panel to explore alternative on the use of lethal weapons and pellet bullets.


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