Rani Mukerji shares first photo of daughter Adira on her birthday

Photo of Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji shared first picture of her daughter Adira Chopra.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress turned housewife Rani Mukerji who is married to filmmaker-husband Aditya Chopra today shared first image of her daughter Adira.

Rani shared the first picture of her daughter on the occasion of her first birthday along with the release of Chopra’s banner movie “Befikri” which starts Ranveer Singh with his co-star Vaani Kapoor.

In the photo the actress is seen posing with her daughter who is sleeping in the snap. Rani also shared a heart-warming message which mentioned that she will always encourage Adira to follow her heart.

She mentioned in her note, ‘I always love my baby Adira…Can’t live or breathe without her…My life has changed but for the better…But having a baby is so scary because you suddenly stop living for yourself, you live for your child as she has given birth to you…A mother, I can’t sleep at night.

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“I can’t get sleep in the day…I often think about the entire zillion mothers, who gave birth. Do they all go through the same anxiety?

“I am eternally grateful to the almighty to have given me this blessing in form of Adira! I don’t know if anyone understands me at this point of my life…But I am going with the flow. I let anyone and everyone say things to me without reacting sometime also.”

The 38-year-old actress thanked god for giving her the gift of motherhood.

The note also said that Rani has become more “calmer, patient and more forgiving”.

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She wrote, “I hope I can bring Adira beautifully…Without any fears, brave, wise, clever, discipline, well mannered. I want everyone to be proud of her. Even if nobody is…I will always be proud of her…Encourage her to follow her heart…Not get bullied ever…Not to be pressurised for anything in life. Be carefree always.”