Registration of marriages made compulsory: Law Commission of India

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New Delhi: According to the information given by the Law Commission of India in a report, the registration of marriages must be made compulsory. As per the reports, the move will not provide for any new rights but will ensure “better enforcement of the existing rights under various family laws”.

The panel even suggested that the marriage certificate be linked to the Aadhaar Card. Circumventing the Supreme Court (SC) order that makes Aadhaar voluntary and not mandatory, the report stated: “If registration of marriage is linked to the Unique Identification number (UID), it would be possible to achieve universal tracking of records.”

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The report stated that in the absence of compulsory registration, many women were duped in the name of marriage and then denied their rights. “Many instances of marriage fraud have come to light recently. In the absence of compulsory registration, women are duped into marrying without the performance of the conditions of a valid marriage,” the report stated.

Mentioning the international treaties towards protection of women that the country has signed, it submitted that registration of marriages was a “necessary reform”. The panel stressed that this minor amendment to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act-1969 will in no way impugn on the personal laws or the religion of an individual.

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