Our relations with the US can re-establish: Putin on meeting Trump

US: After meeting the United States President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that their relationship with the US can re-establish in every possible way.

As per the reports, Putin went on to say: “It seems to me that if we build our relations the same way our conversation went, there’s every reason to believe we can re-establish, however partially, the kind of interaction we need.”

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Praising the US President, Vladimir further went on to say: “Trump on television is very different from the real person,” and explained that “he well understands his the person he’s talking to, analyzes quickly, answers questions and responds to whatever comes up in the discussion.”

As for his personal relations with Trump, the Russian President considers them “established”.
Putin also said Trump brought up, not with one question but with several, the issue of Russia’s interference in US elections.

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“Our position is well known. I repeat, there is no reason to think that Russia interfered in the electoral process,” Putin said, adding that Trump was apparently “satisfied with the answers”.