Residents of PoK protest against carnage by Pakistani Army, ISI

Photo related to PoK residents stage protest against Pakistan.

Islamabad: The thousands of residents of Kotli based in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) today protested and raised slogans against Pakistan military forces and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for doing atrocities.

Hundreds and thousands of Kotli residents came out on streets today by demanding freedom from Pakistan.

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Basically they were demanding freedom from Pakistan rule against carnage committed by the Pakistan army and the ISI on them.

The protest was raised against extra judicial killings, fake encounters and brutalities committed on pro-Azadi leaders.

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The violent mob raised slogans like ‘Butchers of Kashmirs, Pakistani Army, Dogs are much better then ISI’.

In recent time, Pok has witnessed a series of such kind of protest by the residents of PoK against the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Saharif government.


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