Revive the trend of British Afternoon Tea with Typhoo’s classic Earl Grey

Tea is the most preferred beverage in India. Being introduced by British, tea itself has evolved drastically over the years in India. Afternoon Tea is a significant ritual in Britain where Tea is enjoyed with small portions of snacks. To revive the concept of Afternoon Tea in India and introduce a British palette to tea lovers, Typhoo-The British tea brand has its quintessential Earl Grey flavor.

A brew of fabled origins, Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, the famous 2nd Earl Grey, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1830-34. Beholding the finest English traditions, this truly aristocratic blend is an afternoon tea.

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With the finest blend of Bergamot orange and refreshing taste of rich & premium Assam tea, every sip of this luxurious brew offers a smoky fragrance and unique flavor. Unlike the regular tea Earl Grey is slightly citric and light in flavor, a very versatile tea, can be enjoyed with or without milk and with or without sweetener.

With over 25 variants of assorted teas, Typhoo aims at bringing a new taste and flavor to its consumers, this classic brew is for the tea lovers who like to experiment with their palette. With the burst of delicate flavor and citric aroma, this tea is best tasted when served without milk and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.