Robert Vadra: I was targeted for political gains

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law had been gaining enough unsolicited controversies since he was accused of taking interest free loans from India’s largest real estate conglomerate DLF, in exchange for political favors.


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His recent revert on Subramanium Swamy’s ‘Derogatory’ remarks about suit and tie has landed him in a social media combat with the Rajya Sabha member Subramanium Swamy and prompted latter to retort by saying ‘He should focus on staying out of jail”.


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On Thursday, Vadra took on to social media site claiming that he was being targeted for political gains, saying “I will always be used for political gains. It’s almost a decade of government’s false & baseless accusations on me. They cannot prove anything without proof,” Vadra wrote on Facebook.


Responding to his Facebook post, BJP said that law will catch up with Vadra.

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In this regard, reacting to the Dhingra panel land deal report, Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said, “I have done nothing illegal; will react only after the report is made public.”


Despite being granted two opportunities, Hooda did not appear before the Dhingra Commission for recording of his statement.

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When asked about his intervention in land dealings scam Robert Vadra preferred to maintain a silence, which may not work in his favor.


Justice Dhingra who investigated Robert Vadra is supposed to summon the report today by 6pm.


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