Rs 3 crore old currency notes found in Delhi’s hotel

Photo of five accused arrested along with Rs 3 crore old banned notes seized from Dehli's Karol Bagh hotel.

New Delhi: The Delhi police along with Income Tax Department today recovered over 3.25 crore banned old currency notes from a hotel in Delhi’s Karol Bagh which was packed in cartoons and suitcases in order to escape from the detection at the airport. The money was to be flown from Delhi to Mumbai and report has it that the money belonged to the hawala operators.

There were about five people who were caught in the procedure of escaping the X-Ray machines from the Takash Inn in Karol Bagh.

In order to cheat the detecting machines and the police officers the old notes were packed in different cartoons and suitcases tied with wires.

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According to police, the money was packed with tapes and wires so that no machine could detect the demonetised notes and report has it that in order to transfer money from Delhi to Mumbai specialists were hired to pack the notes.

Delhi police after been informed about the secret packaging of old notes in one of the hotel in Karol Bagh raided the hotel when the specialists were preparing to move a huge amount of cash to Mumbai.

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The police detained the cash and are investigating the details of the people behind this from the data of the arrested man’s mobile phone so that they could find out the culprit behind all this.

There have been almost daily cash hauls during raids in the past few weeks, amid a massive cash crunch after the government banned Rs. 500 and 1,000 notes last month.

In a recent incident, officers seized 16 kg gold from a couple who were returning back from Bangkok and tried to smuggle gold in diapers. The police officers immediately arrested the couple and seized the gold.

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