Russia ridicule both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

Moscow: On a expected note, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has likened the war of words between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to a kindergarten fight between children.

Point to be noted here is that the North Korean leader earlier termed Trump “mentally deranged”and a “dotard” after Trump threatened to destroy his country.

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On the other hand, Trump responded with a tweet calling Kim Jong-un ‘a madman’ who “will be tested like never before!”

Lavrov said a pause was needed, “to calm down the hotheads”.

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“Yes, it’s unacceptable to silently watch North Korea’s nuclear military adventures but it is also unacceptable to unleash war on the Korean Peninsula,” he said.

He called for a political process, which he said was a key part of the United Nations Security Council process.

“Together with China we’ll continue to strive for a reasonable approach and not an emotional one like when children in a kindergarten start fighting and no-one can stop them,” he said.

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Experts say this is the first time a North Korean leader has made a direct address to an international audience – and it merits serious and thorough consideration.

“All relevant parties should exercise restraint instead of provoking each other,” said Foreign Minister spokesman Lu Kang.

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