Ryan School murder case: Pradyuman was not sexually abused, says doctor

New Delhi: The postmortem report of the 7-year-old boy Pradyuman, has added a new twist to the case. The doctors, who conducted the procedure, have said that there are no signs of sexual assault on his body.

As per the sources, On Tuesday, Dr. Deepak Mathur, who conducted the autopsy at Gurgaon civil hospital, said that no semen marks were found on Pradyuman’s school uniform. He also said that a forensic report might be able to make it clear if any sexual attempt, say oral sex was made before the murder of the boy.

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Mathur also said that the boy might have died in the school itself because his entire neck was slit.
Parents of the deceased think that their child was murdered because he must have seen something wrong inside the school.

“It is not possible that my son was killed within 10 minutes of entering the school without any motive,” said Pradyuman’s father, who wants a CBI investigation and have filed a suit in the Supreme Court.

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Ashok Kumar (42), a bus conductor, was arrested by the police after he confessed to kill the Class 2 student. He tried to sexually abuse the kid but when he failed in his attempt he slit his throat and right ear. Pradyuman was found dead inside the washroom of Ryan International School.



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