Saif Ali Khan says he has become selective in choice of films now

Photo of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

Mumbai: The Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has taken it easy for some time now after his last film. The actor is currently working on three films which includes ‘Chef’, ‘Rangoon’ and ‘Kalakaandi’ which are planned to release next year.

Saif who has completed 23 years in the Bollywood industry recently says that he has become selective in his choice of films now and he has no regrets about his past films which didn’t managed to do good at the box office.

His frame of mind is different as he feels that if the films don’t do well that gives him courage to work in a better way starting with choosing the right films and being selective about the films to act in.

Usually acting profession calls for insecurity among actors very easily but Saif feels that one should be confident and knowledgeable about what one is doing than nothing can stop you. No one’s failure will be an advantage to the other actors feels Saif who also thinks that your individual strength makes your personality interesting too to others.

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