Salient features of Amit Shah rally ‘Jan Jagran Maha Samavesh’

Photo of BJP national President Amit Shah.

Bhubaneswar (Orissa): Salient points of the speech of BJP National President Shri Amit Shah during “Jan Jagran MahaSamavesh” in Bhubaneswar.

* The BJP government at the centre will complete 2.5 years tomorrow. In this period, the central government has taken several steps for nation’s overall development.

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* Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has been asking us about the achievements of the BJP government at the centre. But before we respond to that, we need to ask him about the work done during his 17 years in power.

* For 17 years, Naveen Patnaik has ruled Odisha. In this period, while other states have marched ahead on parameters of development, Odisha has remained
backward. Villages across BJP ruled states now have fluoride free drinking water but Naveen Patnaik’s Odisha government has not been able to provide water in 17 years.

* The coal reserves in Odisha can provide power to entire nation but it is deplorable that 41% households in the state do not have electricity connection. If a CM cannot provide electricity to his state in 17 years, he does not deserve to stay in power.

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* We want to build a state where people from Odisha do not have to travel to other parts of the country in search of
jobs. They should instead get job opportunities within the state so that they can also stay with their families.

* Tribals are the most backward in Odisha and they have bene ignored by the state government. Forget jobs, healthcare, and power, they do not even get rice two times a day. The state government has also failed to provide water to farmlands.

* I urge party workers to work towards formation of BJP government in the state. Corruption in the state cannot be weeded out and development cannot take place till we have a BJP government in Odisha.

* In the last 2.5 years, there is not even one allegation of corruption against the BJP government. We have given a transparent government at the centre.

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* The Narendra Modi government at the centre has significantly raised allocation of funds for Odisha. In 2013, the UPA government had allocated 23,000 crore rupees to the state while the NDA government has allocated 63,000 crore rupees. The railway budget under UPA had allocated 764 crore rupees in 2013 but we provided 4,682 crore rupees in 2016 budget. Similarly, the centre has allocated 20,000 crore rupees for national highways in the state including 4,500 crore rupees for coastal roads.

* When BJP government came to power in centre, 3,474 villages in Odisha did not have power connection even after 70 years of Independence. In just 2.5 years, we have electrified 1,700 of those villages.

* We plan to invest 35,000 crore rupees in the state’s petroleum sector and we have taken LPG connections to 40 lakh from 23 lakh earlier. As many as 84 lakh bank
accounts have been opened under Jan Dhan Yojana in the state.

* The Modi government at the centre believes that while the western part of the country has developed, it is now the turn of the eastern part of the country to develop including Odisha.

* The central government has been launching one welfare scheme every fortnight for the welfare of poor, tribals, women, backwards, dalits, youth, and farmers. However, the Odisha government does not allow the benefits of these schemes to reach the state’s people.

* During UPA’s 10 year rule, the world had lost faith in India growth story. However, in just 2.5 years of BJP rule, the world has started to acknowledge that the 21st century belongs to India. India is now the fastest growing economy in the world.

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* Till the 7th of this month, the opposition was constantly demanding action from the PM on the issue of black money. However, now they are protesting the
government’s decision to ban 1,000 rupee and 500 rupee notes. Parties like Congress, SP, BSP, and AAP are troubled by the government’s decision.

* During floods, all animals climb the nearest available tree and do not attack each other but keep an eye on water level. Thanks to demonetization, Congress, SP, BSP, TMC, and AAP are scared and have come together to watch the impact of this historic decision.

* PM Narendra Modi has taken this bold step on demonetization to put an end to black economy in the
country and this move will help country’s poor. The
country stands with PM on this decision.

* Under UPA government, our borders were frequently violated. However, under this government, there is a blanket permission to the forces to counter attack with full force. If Pakistan fires a bullet, the forces have the right to answer with a bomb.

* Sometime back, Pakistan sponsored terrorists attacked our soldiers in Uri during night and burnt them alive. But this time, given our PM’s strong willpower and the courage of our forces, the Indian soldiers went inside Pakistan and conducted surgical strikes to avenge Uri’s cowardly attack.

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