Salman has contributed lot to culture of men being fit: Randeep

Photo of the Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda.

Mumbai: Bollywood versatile actor Randeep Hooda who is presently seen as an anchor of ‘Big F’ aired on MTV said that superstar Salman Khan has contributed a lot to the popular culture of men being fit. He also said that it’s good to see your biceps popping out and that it’s good to be fit.

“I think Salman has contributed a lot to the popular culture of men being fit. It is not just about sports or bodybuilding. It is about body imaging and it is about self confidence. When you go out in a T-shirt and your biceps pop out it is always (feel) good,” Randeep said here.

The actor spoke about the role of his “Sultan” co-star in promoting good health on Thursday at a fitness event here.

The “Sarbjit” actor also feels wrestling as a sport has undergone a massive change.

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He said: “The days of eating ‘ghee’ and doing ‘dandh’ have gone. Wrestling has changed. It has become very technical, and weight really matters.”

The actor, who is active in equestrian sports, asserted it is essential to keep the body in good shape.

“There was a trend about women being skinny, but now the trend has changed for good. It is more about being muscular and more toned… So it (going to gym or eating supplements) is not gender specific.”

Looking back at the time he started bodybuilding, Randeep said: “I started bodybuilding after seeing ‘Pumping Iron’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I started going to a gym called Chaand Health Club in Rohtak. I used to live with my nani and she didn’t allow us to have meat or even eggs at home.

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“That is why after gym, I used to ‘drink’ eggs and they tasted horrible. But that was the only source of protein apart from milk.”