Saumya Tandon talks of her success journey!

Actress Saumya Tandon today mentioned that even though she is connected to the industry or comes from a family linked with showbiz, she believes that it does not help one climb the success ladder in the entertainment industry.

She says only talent can take a person ahead in the field.

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“Different people have different stories, and I can only speak for myself. As far as I am concerned, when I came in this industry, I had no family background and not a single person from my family was related to the entertainment industry. In fact, when I came to Mumbai, though I came with work at hand, but I didn’t know a single soul in the city,” Saumya said in a statement.

Saumya, who plays Anita bhabhi in ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’, added: “The only thing that took me ahead in my life is my talent. Having said that, I would say that if I was connected to the industry or had a surname, would I do better? Maybe, who knows.

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“But what I feel is that the talent is only thing that is in your control which is what you can work on and develop. So, I would tell anybody who is aspiring to be in the industry to just focus on the talent because everything else like your surname, your connections or maybe some extent your look is something which is not in your control. “So for me, talent comes first and the other factors might just be helping.”