SC dismiss plea to make yoga compulsory in schools

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has rejected a petition seeking to make yoga mandatory for school students from class 1 to 8 across India.

The plea also sought coming up with a national yoga policy.

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In his decision, Supreme Court  said that the decision in this regard can only be taken by the government. Court said that it does not come under their domain.

The petition, filed by BJP member Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay and J C Seth, sought the Human Resources Development Ministry, NCERT, NCTE and CBSE to offer standard textbooks of ‘yoga and health education’ for students of Class 1-8 taking into consideration wide array of fundamental rights like right to life, education and equality.”

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The petition also highlighted that it is the responsibility of state to ensure quality health facilities to all the citizens of the country, more so children.

According to the petitioner, the right to health to all citizens is next to impossible without “yoga and health education” and a “national yoga policy” to promote it.


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