SDNx organizes training program on NASA Rover challenge

Photo related to the event SDNx organizes training program on NASA Rover challenge.

New Delhi: The Space Development Nexus (SDNx), a global co-operative effort to expand Human existence beyond earth where science is the only religion organised its tenth days of NASA Rover Practical Training Camp in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) today.

The founder of SDNx, Mr. Sanjay Rathee, along with the leading members of SDNX which includes Mr. Mahip Singh (Chief Advisor Nasa Rover), Pinganan P (CEO SDNx), Sourabh Kaushal (CTO Satellites Gobal SDNx), Mr. Ganesh Pandit Suryawanshi (CTO Robotics & AI Gobal SDNx), Mr. Wahab Sheikh (All India R&D Head), Nishant Singh (Technical Head SDNx), Miss Chanchal Upadhyay (Chief Public relation officer SDNx), Mrs. Aastha Singh ( Chief Management officer SDNx), Mr Sachin Sharma, Mr. Jai Parashar, Mr Aaditya Shashtri, Mr Ashwani (Mentors technical NASA Rover) have been looking after this training event.

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All most eighteen students from Pan India and one student from Ethiopia are refined among 200 students to come for this training under highly talented mentors who have secured great positions in their technical fields and have been competent and lead team at NASA and other technical institutes from last 6-7 years.

This ten days workshop included complete training of designing and fabrication of the Moon Buggy Rover which would run on the surface of moon as per NASA’s rule and regulations.

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As per the schedule students completed the Rover and since it’s the final day so it would be on roads for testing. The final event is scheduled for April 2017 and the team would be sent to HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, USA representing India. The team comprises of from all corners of India.

The team members are as follows: Ria Singh (UP), Kanika Aggarwal (Himanchal Pradesh), Prerana Chandratre (Maharastra), Nishit Singh (UP), Dinesh Jain (Delhi), Kush Sharma (Delhi), Saumya Kumari (Delhi), Shashikant Bharadwaj (Rajasthan), Dhrubajyoti Kakati (Assam), Chirag (Karnataka), R.Vigneshwaran (Tamil Nadu), Aravindsamy Arumugam (Tamil Nadu), Amogh Sahstrabudhe (Maharashtra), Tabitha (Tamil Nadu), Rajeshwari (Tamil Nadu), Anupama B.S (Kerala), Hemang Vellore-11 year old youngest participant (Telangana), Foreign participant from Ethiopia Samuel N.Merga.


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