Sessions court to pronounce quantum of punishment in Gulberg Society Massacre today

Ahmedabad: Today, a special sessions court will announce the quantum of punishment in the Gulberg Society Massacre which took place during the 2002 Gujarat riots. The incident claims lives of 69 people.

Among the ones killed in the massacre was former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri. It was almost 14 years after the massacre that 24 people were convicted by the Special Sessions Court Judge in the verdict which was delivered by him last week. Thirty six persons including a BJP municipal corporator Bipin Patel were acquitted in the case.

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The prosecutor demanded death sentence or jail term until death for the convicts; however the defence lawyers said that the incident was spontaneous and an outcome of the ongoing riots, which were enough to provocate someone.

In 2002 an angry mob of 400 people attacked the Gulberg society and killed the residents including the former MP Jafri. It was one of the nine cases of the 2002 Gujarat riots. A probe in these cases was ordered by SC appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT).

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