Seven customers accused for cheating Paytm

Photo of the mobile app Paytm.

New Delhi: The Central Bank of India has filed a case on the complaint of private digital wallet company (Paytm) against seven customers who are allegedly accused for cheating Rs 3.21 lakh of it through 37 orders placed within the last two years. This is the second time in a week that the firm has filed a complaint against the matter.

CBI questioning a fraud on the complaint of a private company is strange as it normally deals with the cases related to the government or laws. But the firm has watched over the complaint and claiming that it can register their complaints to CBI under the IT Act in the National Capital Region.

Paytm has lodged a complaint which consists of seven names of the customers. The FIR says, “During routine reconciliation of accounts, the complainant company found that in 37 cases where refunds were made in the wallet or bank accounts of customers, delivery of orders was successfully made.” The customers are from Lodi Colony (Delhi), Mathura and Bhilwara and had names like “Hotty Killer” and “Brother”.

The customer named ‘Hotty Killer’ based from Mathura had made six purchases which even includes iphone 6s and Samsung Galaxy J2 worth Rs 45,688 and Rs 8,705 respectively between March 31 and April 6. In all the cases the refunds were made by the same id of an employee The employee had processed seven more orders of a customer identified as Pankaj Chaudhary at the same address.

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