Sex Video Showing Jennifer Lopez To Go on Internet Soon!

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Sex Video Showing Jennifer Lopez To Go on Internet Soon!

Los Angeles: The latest media reports might not sound good to singer-actress Jennifer Lopez as the dusky bombshell is seemingly losing the legal battle to keep her private sex videos with ex-husband secret.

The sex videos, which were shot by JLo’s first husband Ojani Noa, are apparently going to be made public by her first hubby’s business partner Ed Meyer in a bid to showcase the tale of a doomed marriage.

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Jennifer Lopez, who has been fighting the legal battle for past six years now, has been demanding that the publicizing the those videos would only tarnish her image among her fans.

However, the master tape of all the footages has been secured in a central depository due to a court order. But Meyer believes they have a legal loophole after Lopez withdrew her claims while the case was in arbitration.

The sources have informed us that Meyer is planning to release Jennifer Lopez’s sex videos through DVDs and also over the internet.

Mayer has claimed that Jennifer’s sex videos show her naked in most of the scenes performing different sexual situations especially in the hotel footage from her honeymoon.

Well, it is also being reported that following some unsolved business issues, Mayer is planning to expose Jennifer Lopez’s personal life before all.