Shahrukh wants Alia to explore herself as an actor

Photo of still scene from Bollywood upcoming movie 'Dear Zindagi' which features actor Shah Rukh Khan and actress Alia Bhatt in lead role.

Mumbai: In recent times actor Shah Rukh Khan shared his experience of these many years in the Bollywood industry and was seen giving a piece of advice to actress Alia Bhatt, where he wants her to explore herself in a better way and that she should not cling on to doing performance based movies but also try something new like commercial movies.

Talking to the media, SRK justifies his statement and went on to say that: “I feel that every actor should somehow sum themselves up to know their good, bad and ugly phases. As an actor you should do everything and go wrong with it, or right with it, or find out that it was never meant to be. But you will not know unless you do it. If you notice, when an action hero suddenly does an acting role, it can turn out to be endearing. That’s why you will find an Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a ‘Terminator’ and also a children’s film on Christmas day. And he looked so cute doing both the roles. Dharamji, the coolest of macho men suddenly did a comedy film like ‘Pratigya’. Maybe tomorrow if Alia is offered a film like ‘Umrao Jaan’ she might think that she she’s too young, too cool and can’t pull it off. But if she does take it on, I’m sure she will find an Umrao Jaan in her which she wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t done it.”

Alia meet eye to eye with Shahrukh and further stated: “I am dying to. In fact, I am looking for something that’s bad. I mean in a good bad way, and if anyone is listening please offer me something like that.”

Well, we hope that now Alia will surely take up the advice and try something new and unique scripted movies which would break the stereotype of taking up performance based movies and trying every good and bad phases.

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By:- Prishita Rathi

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