Sharad Kelkar impresses one and all in ‘Bhoomi’ trailer

Mumbai: No sooner did the trailer of Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film ‘Bhoomi’ release that the praises and accolades haven’t stopped for Actor Sharad Kelkar. As the trailer is being viewed and shared, Sharad Kelkar’s ‘likes’ seem to be getting a meteoric rise.

Clearly, in the negative lead in what is a revenge thriller, Sharad with his baritone voice is unmissable. The scenes in the trailer clearly portray Sharad’s nuanced and powerful look. Two of his famous dialogues in the film’s trailer –“Hide and seek toh bacche khelte hain…yo hide and cheek hai” and “Hamare Dholpur mein ek kahawat mashoor hai – Save the Water, ab Agra mein mashoor hogi- Save the Daughter” has everyone asking for more.

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Sharad’s ability to mould himself into the character with his acting skills and convincing look of a villain proves that he is indeed a versatile actor who can do justice to any kind of role. This is one actor in a negative role that we are looking forward to watch.

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