Sheena Bora Killing: Peter Mukherjea to be questioned again today

sheena murder case

New Delhi: Former media honcho, Peter Mukherjea faced 12 hour interrogation by the Mumbai Police in his step-daughter Sheena Bora’s murder case. This probe comes as the police wants to know about his role in the murder.

As per reports, Peter was questioned till late in the night and was given a set of 25 questions, the same ones which were also given to his wife Indrani who was sitting in the adjoining room. He will called by the Khar Police again today for further probe. Talking on the same, Mumbai Police officer said, ‘Mukherjea is likely to be called again at the Khar Police Station today as we are trying to corroborate his statement with that of Indrani, with whom he co-founded INX Media.’

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The questions that Peter was asked related to his financial transaction, investments, his shares in the various companies, the amount he had given to his wife, son Rahul, younger daughter Vidie and step-daughter Sheena among others.

Apart from this, reports are that the skeletal remains which driver of Indrani alleged being of Sheena, have been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory at Kalina to match the DNA, to know whether the body is of Sheena or not. Also, reports are that the parents of Indrani in Guwahati, who had adopted Sheena, have no knowledge of her murder.

Indrani faced arrest in the murder case of her daughter Sheena on August 25. She is allegedly accused for carrying out her daughter’s murder along with the help of her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam Rai.