Sheila Dikshit’s name appears on Sahara Group list of giving bribe to CMs

Photo of list of Sahara Group which provided donation to Chief Ministers that was Tweeted by Congress party which contains name of Shelia Dikshit.

New Delhi: Congress senior leader Shelia Dikshit’s name has appeared on the list Sahara Group that was released by the Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi during his public rally recently.

The list included the names of several CM candidates who were given donations by the Sahara Group and unintentionally name of the Chief Ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh upcoming polls Sheila Dikshit appeared on the list.

On Thursday afternoon, Rahul exposed a list in which he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking bribe of Rs 40 crores from a member of Sahara Group when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Interestingly, the list also contains the name of former Chief Minister of Delhi, Shelia Dikshit as a recipient of Rs 1 crore when she was the CM of Delhi.

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The list was posted by Congress party on its Indian National Congress (INC) Twitter account on yesterday, subsequent to Rahul Gandhi revealed the names during his public addressed.

Here is the list that was posted by the Congress party on its twitter account:

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