Shingles may increase risk of heart attack, stroke

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According to the information given through a research, getting Shingles may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke by 40%. Vaccination can help to avoid shingles, which is caused by herpes zoster and this virus is also responsible for chickenpox.

Researchers have analysed medical reports of more than 23,000 patients who were suffering from shingles and compared them to those who were not. They found that people suffering from shingles were mostly female and share common heart diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and older age.

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Suffering from shingles increased the chances of getting a heart related problem by 41%, a 35 percent increased risk of stroke and a 59 percent increased risk of a heart attack.

Schwamm one of the researchers claimed that when someone gets shingles, the virus may move through the skin and directly attack and inflame blood vessels, as well as certain nerves. Inflamed blood vessels tend blood to clot setting up a stage for a heart attack.

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To prevent heart attack and heart related diseases one must follow a healthy lifestyle, and one should keep cholesterol, sugar levels low by following a proper diet and exercising.