Shocking: Out of 100 only 6 CCTV working in UP assembly

A day after explosive was found in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, today in the revelations made during the investigation and probe been done by ATS that there were only six CCTV camera’s working in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

At the time when ATS was working out to see the CCTV footage they came to know that there were 94 CCTV cameras not in working condition.

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There was also Magnesium Sulphate found during the investigation and search operation in the Assembly. National Investigative Agency (NIA) on Saturday began a probe into the discovery of high-grade PETN explosive inside the Uttar Pradesh assembly, an official said.

Questions are been raised over the security lapse in one of the most tight security place in the state for which several lakh rupees are been spent on the maintenance of these CCTV cameras.

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Officials informed media that the NIA team arrived here late on Friday and was immediately briefed about the case.

The NIA officials, other than visiting the spot where the Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate explosive was discovered on Thursday evening, were also likely to grill the security staff and agencies of the state police responsible for security of the Vidhan Sabha.

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