Shocking: The last thing Swami Om could have done on National television!!

Photo of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om.

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om is known for his absurdity and obstinate behaviour in the Bigg Boss house and in the upcoming episode he will be seen doing something that has never happened in the history of Bigg Boss. This was the last thing Swami Om could have done on National television. From passing vulgar comments on the girls of the house, to peeing in a jug in the kitchen area and now going to the extreme level of removing his pants during a task.

During the ‘Toofan’ task given by Bigg Boss, Om Swami had created problems for all the housemates during the task by not following the rules of the task. Even when Bigg Boss warned the contestants several times not to sit in front of the artificial igloo made for the task, Om Swami kept sitting at the door of the igloo.

Outraged with this behaviour, many housemates had several arguments with him and Rohan Mehra got into a massive fight with Om over the same. After both threatened to hit each other, Om Swami did something which took everyone by surprise.

He firstly claimed that he will be sitting at the same place for another seven days and will neither eat nor use washroom. As the other contestants tried to calm him down he got up and removed his pants in the presence of all the contestants which is extremely shameful for a 60 year old to do such thing.

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