This singer had Rs 500 to follow his Bollywood dream!

New Delhi: Many stars began their journey with little penny in their pockets and big dreams in mind while they reached their work land Mumbai. Singer Tochi Raina who has now earned a big fame and is one such example who began slowly and then went on to make a mark in Bollywood with their work.

Tochi Raina has some big music hits to his name like “Iktara” and “Kabira” and has achieved a mark in the singing industry.

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Shedding light on his early life and struggle days he said that he was given just 500 rupees by his wife to follow his dream in Mumbai.

He further stated that he used to sleep at Aksa beach in his earlier struggle days and now he thank god for all the success he achieved after that long struggle.

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Singer further said that his main motive was to become a successful music director but it was his singing capability that got the best out of him and gave his success.