Smokers tend to over-eat: Study

According to the information given by the study, in a survey 65% of smokers had high blood pressure while some had higher levels of carbon monoxide as compared to non-smokers.

As per the reports, “The survey found that smokers were almost twice as likely to feel gloomy or distraught in comparison to non-smokers.”Smokers in Mumbai were five times more likely to be overeating or under-eating in comparison to non-smokers.”

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The survey also found that “hypersensitive behaviour” was 200% higher among smokers. Funded by a pharmaceutical company, it said mental stress was 178% higher among smokers compared to non-smokers. Also, 25% smokers complained of broken sleep in comparison to 3% non-smokers.

“Around 63% smokers confessed they had mood swings in comparison to 26% non-smokers. Moreover, complaints of headaches, sore eyes were more common among smokers (77%) than non-smokers (47%),” it stated.

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