Smoking leads to higher risk of heart failure, even in the Non-Smokers

According to research, it is found that smokers have a higher risk of heart damaging diseases like stroke, cardiomegaly and enlargement of left ventricle.

Shocking side of this research is that the smokers without any history of Cardiovascular Diseases are more at risk, than the people who suffered from Cardiovascular Diseases.

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Left ventricle has the most important role in the pumping of the heart. But research showed that when a smoker smoke, a muscle which is dominated by the left ventricle of our heart starts working hard and this leads to the enlargement of the heart size. These causes sever complications of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and arrhythmia.

The part of the heart which got affected due to the intake of Tobacco, which causes cardiovascular disease is not been found yet. The images of heart are complicating and it is also studied that the smokers have a risk of increased in the size of left ventricle but some smokers do not got effected.

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Survey which is done by the experts, on 4,850 people, with the age of 75 years old cleared all the doubts and gave crystal clear answer. This survey is done on the effect of tobacco on the heart by the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities. Four states which were taken under this examination were Forsyth Country, NC; Jackson, MS; Minneapolis, and Washington Country, MD.

While conducting this survey they also divided participants into non-smokers and who never smoked 1,977 (43.2 percent), former smoker 2316 (50.5 percent) and current smokers (6.3 percent). According to the Medical News Today, in this analysis they also undertook the factors like, age, race, body mass index, alcohol consumption, diabetes and blood pressure.

Echocardiogram is a scan used to take out the images of heart and blood vessels by using High-Frequency sounds. All the participants went under this scanning and the experts found that people who smoke have a thicker wall on their left ventricles.

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“These data suggest that the smoking can independently lead to thickening of the heart and worsening of heart function, which leads to higher risk of heart failure, even in people who don’t have heart attack.” said by Dr. Wilson Narduz Jr. Ph.D.and a lead author of the study.

There is good news that the people have the same heart size when they quit smoking, just like the people who never smoked in their life.

According to Business Insider these findings were published in the journal circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging.

By- Ishita Chauhan