Sonam Kapoor opens to do Russian, Chinese and French movies

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor opens about doing Russian, Chinese and French movies and says that if she will be getting good scripts from international film industry then she will definitely grab the opportunity.

Sonam who was present at special screening of Punjabi movie “Chauthi Koot”, when asked that is she would do Punjabi films, she said “I don’t know the language; I do understand it. I understand Sindhi and Hindi more, but why not? I don’t think, as an actor, a language should curb your enthusiasm. ”

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“If I like the story and if it is Punjabi, Chinese, Hindi, Marathi, Russian, French or any language, I will do it if I like the character.”

“I have shot numerous films in Punjab and they have captured the essence of Punjab in the 1980s very beautifully. It is a very moving film.”

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Sonam will next be seen in the movie “Veerey Di Wedding”.


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