SP ministers linked to brothel business in Delhi

Lucknow: After getting arrested by Delhi Police, Afak Bakri who was held running the prostitution business in Delhi has revealed that many of the ministers of Samajwadi Party Uttar Pradesh have direct links with him.

He has till now landed as many as 5000 girls in this brothel business and is the native of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.
There are two political names revealed by Afak Bakri which include cabinet minister of Uttar Pradesh from Samajwadi Party i.e Kamal Akhtar and the other one is Maulana Jawed Aabdi.

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In the police investigation it has been revealed that Afak Bakri was running sex racket and prostitution brothel and has earned huge amount of money from this business. He is the man with many luxury cars and properties worth rupees crores and has also managed to make strong political links in the Uttar Pradesh political arena.

There are several ministers from Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Party who are in touch with him. According to the information revealed by the sources, there are phone numbers of many politicians recovered from the diary of Afak Bakri.

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He had relations with political people to such an extent that when he used to visit Amroha or Muradabad then he was welcomed as if he was one of the bigger politicians of the current day scenario.

According to the reports, some of these politicians tried to arrange party ticket for Afak Bakri for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

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