Start-ups and industry will assist nation to achieve sustainable growth: PM

Tirupati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today went on to say that start-ups and industry will help the country to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth and there is a requirement to develop the concept of “scientific social responsibility” so that leading institutions can connect to all stake holders.

Prime Minister was addressing at the inauguration of the Indian Science Congress and there he stated that research needed to be made strong in line with international standards.

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Narendra Modi stated: “On the lines of Corporate Social Responsibility, concept of Scientific Social Responsibility needs to be inculcated to connect our leading institutions to all stake holders, including schools and colleges.”

Prime Minister further went on to say that: “Our best science and technology institutions should further strengthen their basic research in line with leading global standards… Translating this basic knowledge into innovations, start-ups and industry will help us achieve inclusive and sustainable growth.”

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