Stay away from transfer and posting of officials: PM to UP ministers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that Bharatiya Janata Party has managed to form government in Uttar Pradesh with complete majority and now the ministers have the responsibility of focusing on work and development.

Prime Minister further mentioned that the ministers in UP government should not indulge in the mere acts of transfer and postings of the bureaucrats.

Modi made his stance clear and said that there is no point of politicians entering into bureaucracy and they should rather keep their focus on the good administration and smooth working in their respective areas.


During the campaigning of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, BJP had laid emphasis that the key motive of the government, if they come to power, will be corruption free running of the government and now after forming government in UP it seems that their stand remains the same under the supervision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah from the centre.

By- Gaurav Chhabra