Stop liquor sale on National, State Highways, says Supreme Court

Photo of building of Supreme Court of India.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India today banned the liquor sale on national and state highways all across the nation keeping in mind the number of accidents that take place every year due to alcohol consumption.

The decision taken will be active from 1st April and the existing pattern can be carried out by the license holders as of now but will be allowed only till March 31, 2017.

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Court further stated that the licenses will not be renewed any further. The order by the Supreme Court came in response to the number of petitions that were given by the states and NGOs.

Earlier, The Supreme Court had expressed worry over 1.5 lakh lives lost every year in road accidents and stated that closure of liquor vends on national and state highways across the nation might be done.

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Previously, the court had asked for a reply from the Centre, states and Union territories on the pleas seeking a direction to revise excise laws to make sure that no liquor is sold alongside highways.