Stress Controls Body Movements: Study

Keeping in mind the kind of lifestyle we are following in today’s world, people are easily getting stressed up because of their unstable lifestyle.

But according to a study, stress is not only harmful for psyche but it may lead to control our body movements and also have an adverse effect on our body.

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This study shows that, why many people get freeze when they face any kind of extremely emotional crisis. The reason behind this could be the parts of our brain got affected due to anxiety and this lead to control our body movements.
The researchers also conducted several Motor Inhibitions on children between 8 to 9 years to understand their level of understanding emotional problem.

And what they found that children who were exposed to social inhibitions were found to have difficulty in understanding and identifying emotions.

This Motor Inhibition test was again conducted on these children at the ages of fifteen and sixteen. And it is found that, emotional stress was causing inhibition to the areas of our brain that control motor skills.

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By Ishita Chauhan