Sudhir Mishra hopes for quick implementation of Shyam Benegal committee report

Mumbai: Director Sudhir Mishra today stated that he hopes that filmmaker Shyam Benegal’s report is implemented soon due to the fact that he is probably the most idealistic and knowledgeable filmmaker of the country.

“I hope Shyam Benegal committee’s report is implemented very soon because he is the most idealistic and knowledgeable filmmaker we have in the country. I think it is a great idea that the government made him the head of the committee, which will relook censorship and certification in the time of the internet,” Mishra said.

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He was present at a screening of films directed by The Homeless Children of Vatslya Foundation and there he stated: “This is a very old set of rules you work with. Time has totally changed. I think it will be implemented very soon.”