Suffering from deficiency of vitamin D? This could be the reason

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London: Recently, a study has shown that the deficiency of vitamin D has been found in people who spend most of their time indoor like office workers and students.

According to the researchers of the University of Alberta, “If you are working indoor nine to five then you are in the higher risk of the deficiency of vitamin D.”

The researchers have discovered that the risk of vitamin D deficiency was highest among shift workers (80% of individuals), followed by indoor workers (77%) and healthcare students (72%). Among healthcare workers, rates of vitamin D deficiency varied depending on whether they were students, medical residents (65%), practicing physicians (46%), nurses (43%) or other healthcare professionals (43%).

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Less exposure to sun results in the deficiency of vitamin D, people who have particularly long working hours suffer from it and put themselves at higher risk of both vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency.

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