Suicide bombing by Islamic State kills 49 in Yemen

Photo related to suicide bombing by Islamic State killed 49 in Yemen.

Aden: A suicide bombing that targeted government forces in Yemen’s Aden city today left at least 49 persons killed and 39 other injured.

According to an intelligence source, a suicide attacker detonated his explosive belt near the soldiers gathered to receive their salaries in KhorMaksar area.

The Yemen-based affiliate of the Islamic State terrorist group frequently targets military bases in the country.

The attack comes less than two weeks after same kind of attack claimed by the Yemen-based affiliate of the IS struck an army base near Aden’s international airport, leaving 50 soldiers dead and 40 injured.

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The Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) emerged in January 2009, claiming responsibility for a number of attacks against the country’s army and governmental institutions.

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