Sumitra Mahajan’s Jaguar XE worth Rs 48 lakh becomes talk of the town

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has been in news ever since Jaguar XE became her official car. As per reports, the Lok Sabha secretariat said that this car was allotted to Mahajan for security reasons.

The car cost Rs 48.25 lakhs to the Lok Sabha Secretariat. Congress has already begun opposing the same asking the Speaker to reconsider on using the luxurious vehicle.

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Reacting to the same, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said that in such a time when the country is facing agricultural problems, whether it would be wise to buy such a costly vehicle.

On the other hand, Secretary in the Lok Sabha Secretariat, D Bhalla said that among the five options suggested for choosing a car keeping in mind the security of the speaker, Jaguar XE was the most affordable of all.

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Bhalla said, “This is not an overnight purchase. It is a decision of the LS secretariat after advice by the security. All information is available on our files. It is a transparent decision.”

The privileges enjoyed by the Lok Sabha Speaker are equivalent to that of Chief Justice of India and the post is sixth in line after President, Vice President, Prime Minister, governors, former presidents and Deputy Prime Minister, as per protocol.

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