Sunil Grover turns down rumors of fight with Kapil Sharma

Photo of star comedian Kapil Sharma along with Sunil Grover.

Mumbai: Standup comedian Sunil Grover will be making his debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie ‘Coffee with D’ as the leading man and the movie is scheduled to hit the big screens on coming Friday. As everyone expected that no other platform would be better to promote his movie than his own comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

But that did not happen and now rumors are round the corner that there’s been fallout between Kapil and Sunil following which Kapil did not allow him to promote his movie on the show.

On the other hand, Sunil turned down all the rumors and officially went on to say that: “No..not at all. He is my friend. Kapil is very happy that I am doing films.There is nothing of that sort. This is bakwaas baat. People are just saying this for publicity.”

He further went on to say that: “Yes, the promotion of Coffee With D on The Kapil Sharma Show is not happening. However, Kapil did not refuse it. Anything of that sort did not happen. Kapil did not say a No. There were some issues about execution and time crunch. The Kapil Sharma Show is my show. I am not an outsider. I can also have a call on my film’s promotion. It is my call that the film does not get promoted on The Kapil Sharma Show.”

Ace comedian further added that: “Decisions are taken creatively. Zakir Bhai (Zakir Hussain) who plays D in the film did not have the dates. This happens on many occasions when an entire team of a film can’t make it. Clashes happen and an episode cannot be shot.”

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